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Frank Napolitano

Mortgage Agent- Level 2 / Founding Partner

Shopping for a mortgage in Canada is changing and it's hard to tell what you need, what to look for and where to look for it. That's where a mortgage agent like me can help. My services are free of charge for helping you find the best package with the best rate.  In these complicated times, there's no reason not to use a mortgage agent when you can save time and money, but which one to choose.

My experience and knowledge are 2 key factors why customers have switched their mortgage shopping from their banks to Mortgage Brokers Ottawa. Since May 2007, I've been on "Open House - The Real Estate and Mortgage Show" live on 580 CFRA every Saturday morning at 11:00am and Sunday's at 2:00pm, giving mortgage savings tips and forecasting potential interest rate changes with incredible accuracy, as well as I'm a regular on the CTV Morning News appearing every 2 weeks again giving some insight on interest rate forecasting and mortgage advice.

I’ve been Managing Partner and Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Brokers Ottawa since its inception in 2005 and previous to that, I worked for one of the major Canadian banks for over 21 years including the last 10 years as a mortgage specialist where I was awarded the Paragon of Sales Award every year which signifies volumes that was Top 10 in the country.

I utilize my experience to ensure that every customer benefits by getting the very best product that suits their needs, not the banks needs!!! Why are mortgage agents becoming such a popular choice with consumers taking out a new mortgage or renewing an existing one? The answer is very simple, mortgage agents have a wider range of lenders to select from.  This allows me to find you the best rate with the most flexible terms.

Also, being independent, my mandate is impartial and focused on your personal financial needs. For more information, contact me directly at 613-656-0757 or by email at frankn@mortgagebrokersottawa.com.

Frank Napolitano

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